Mobile Veterinary Services Offered

Dr. Bennett provides the following mobile veterinary services in security of your pet's home.

Physical Exam

Because our pets have shorter life spans than humans, the onset and progression of disease can be very subtle and undetectable to most caretakers. Dr. Bennett examines your pet in the comfort of its home with superb bedside manner. Your pet's health can be more accurately assessed under these conditions because clinical signs of disease are not masked by the adrenaline surge caused by traveling to the veterinary hospital. A more accurate physical exam is one of the most valuable features utalizing a mobile vet.

Pet Wellness and Disease Prevention

Vaccines, parasite control and disease monitoring are a very important part of your pet’s health. Dogs and cats constantly have their noses to the ground consuming dirt and feces. By nature, many pets hunt small prey which may harbor transmissible parasites, viral and bacterial disease. Furthermore, our pets all have their own predisposition for particular genetic or breed specific diseases and conditions which can be monitored or ruled out with modern testing. As a mobile vet. Dr. Bennett can assess a pets home environment and make suggestions pertaining to living quarters, safety, diet and other living conditions.

Pet Euthanasia

When the time arrives to say goodbye, a mobile vet. can make the transition more peaceful by eliminating the trip to the veterinary hospital. Dr.Bennett will help your pet pass with minimal anxiety by employing sedation and perfect bedside manner within your home. Private Cremation services and general care of remains are available. 

Itchy Pet - Skin Problems

Many dogs and cats suffer from chronic itching. Dr. Bennett is a veterinarian that does not only believe in giving these pets instant relief but also works hard to permanently resolve or improve the pets itching problem. As a mobile veterinarian Dr. Bennett can evaluate the pets environment to help determine what the cause may be.


Vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, increased urination, lethargy, coughing and weight loss are all signs a pet is ill. The sooner these problems are assessed, the better chance of successful treatment and recovery. Dr. Bennett will make sure your pet receives the best treatment within your home and at local referral veterinary hospitals if needed.

Cuts, Abscesses, Contusions

Most minor injuries can be handled at home using a mobile veterinary services. Dr. Bennett uses sedation and local anesthesia (numbing) to suture lacerations, drain abscesses, resolve hot spots and to rectify other unfortunate mishaps. 


Although minor surgical procedures can be performed in home. As a mobile vet. Dr. Bennett refers major or invasive surgical procedures to the local specialists or U.C Davis. The option to have the patients regular hospital veterinarian perform certain general surgical or diagnostic procedures is often a good choice. Dr. Bennett has worked as an on call veterinarian for the veterinary hospitals in Contra Costa County and Alameda County and therefore, in most cases already has a working relationship with your regular hospital veterinarian. 

Pet Behavior Problems

Pet behavior problems can often cause great harm to the human pet relationship. Separation anxiety, inappropriate urination and obsessive compulsive licking are only a few of the many. Caretakers often misunderstand the cause of these problems and become frustrated when attempts to rectify the issues fail. These problems often have solutions through behavior modification and possible pharmaceutical intervention. Dr. Bennett believes it is crucial that behavior consultation take place at the pet's home so that environmental circumstances surrounding the problem can be fully considered. Dr. Bennett will educate you thoroughly and make a plan to bring everything back to normal.

Chronic Disease and Geriatric care

Unfortunately, some of us must live with problems we were born with or acquire as we grow older. Dr. Bennett will provide you with all the knowledge and services to make your pet as comfortable, productive, and happy as possible. Oftentimes diagnostics performed by a mobile vet in home to monitor your pet's condition are more accurate, and treatment regimens can be more successful without the stress of going back and forth to the veterinary hospital.



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