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Mobile Veterinarian In The East Bay Area California

Dogs can be fractious or aggressive for several reasons, including fear, learned, and innate aggression. Medium, large, and giant breed dogs can cause severe injuries. For this reason, Dr. Bennett's mobile veterinary service takes certain precautions with aggressive dogs to keep everyone involved (including the pet) safe and healthy. Here are some guidelines for obtaining in-home veterinary for your aggressive dog using Dr. Bennett's Veterinary House Call Service.
1) Speak with Dr. Bennett / staff member about your pet's aggression issues before the visit. Sometimes, there will be two appointments, one to see the pet from a distance so we can leave sedatives for the next appointment. Occasionally, our new clients ask us to send the sedatives without seeing the pet. However, veterinarians are not allowed to prescribe without seeing the pet. 
2) Always ensure your animal is kept separate and secure away from the front door when the doctor/staff members arrive. It is usually safer for the veterinarian to see the pet outside if the weather permits. The Garage is always a good option, providing it is safe to keep the garage door open. Please be prepared to talk to the veterinarian about your animal before leading the doctor/staff member to your dog.
3) Please put a muzzle on your dog before it has contact with veterinary staff members. Make sure the muzzle is secure and as tight as possible. If your pet will not tolerate a muzzle, 'plan B' can be implemented. If you are in danger of putting a muzzle on your pet, do not attempt to do so (inform the doctor). Dr. Bennett's mobile veterinary service will provide a muzzle if you do not have one
3) Do not allow other animals/children in the consultation area. Only one caretaker should be present during the exam. 
4) Do not feed your animal for 6 hours before the exam if sedation is needed.
4) Please do not attempt to help the doctor restrain your animal in any way while the exam is taking place. If you insist on helping, please inform the doctor/staff member when scheduling the appointment.


Territory our Mobile Veterinary Service Covers

Dr. Bennett's Mobile Veterinary service delivers quality veterinary care on a house call or mobile basis throughout Contra Costa County and Alameda County. We perform in-home pet euthanasia and also provide outpatient medical services and wellness. Because of our central location on the Contra Costa and Alameda county border near El Sobrante we can perform vet house calls to most of the East Bay Area.  Dr. Bennett was raised in the Walnut Creek and the Concord area thus most of our clients live in the Walnut Creek and Berkeley corridor which includes towns like Orinda and Lafayette, Alamo and Pleasant Hill. As displayed on Google Places we will travel out in a radius of thirty miles from Walnut Creek. This includes towns like Hercules, Pinole, El Sobrante, and Vallejo in West Contra Costa County extending to Pitsburg in Eastern Contra Costa County. We cover the northwestern part of Alameda County which includes Oakland to El Cerrito and Albany. 


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