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When it comes to veterinary house calls there are two types of aggressive cats: Type 1 aggressive cats are by nature fearful, defensive, and sometimes offensive. This type of aggressive cat includes most feral cats and cats that are simply opposed to being touched by humans. Although these cats will often let their chosen human touch them (the person that has cared for or tamed them) they usually will not let any other human touch or restrain them. In many cases, not even the chosen human can touch these pets. Often these cats will sleep on the same bed or even on the chest of their chosen human but if that person attempts to hold or pet the cat, they will sustain injure. Often treating this type of cat is achieved by taking a thorough history, viewing the pet from a distance, and prescribing the proper medications which are likely to be administered via the food or a long-acting injection. Vaccines and other wellness are often administered by brief restraint with a towel or heavy blanket. In some cases. if a complete physical exam, diagnostics, or hospitalization is needed, sedation must be employed. Type ll aggressive cats are usually only aggressive when they are transported to the vet hospital or any place outside the comfort of their home. These cats are usually very easy to deal with on a house call basis. In most cases, Dr. Bennett can deliver care to these cats without any sign of defensive, fearful, or offensive behavior from the cat. However,  pets may become fearful and aggressive during a veterinary house call, but it is unlikely to be a problem if the protocols below are implemented. The idea is to not let the pet know it is being visited by a veterinarian.
Transporting both type 1 and type 2 aggressive cats to the veterinary hospital can be extremely challenging. The first challenge will be getting the cat into a carrier. Especially with type 1 cats, attempting this feat will often land pet caretakers in the emergency room themselves. The second challenge is the pet may defecate, urinate and vocalize during the drive to the vet hospital or in the waiting room. The third challenge may be the pet hides after the trip to the hospital and does not show itself for hours or days. Sometimes type 1 and type 2 cats are so traumatized that they will quit eating or suffer additional medical problems such as bladder inflammation due to the stress it has endured.
Dr. Bennett’s Veterinary House Calls is a great alternative for any aggressive, fractious, or fearful cat. Dr. Bennett’s objective is to get the job done with minimal stress to you and your pet. Here are some simple protocols to ensure your pet stays calm and happy.
1) Let Dr. Bennett know before the appointment if your cat does not like to be handled or touched by strangers. Advise Dr. Bennett on the pet’s general demeanor and temperament.
2) Do not feed fractious, aggressive, or fearful cats for 6 hours before the house call.
3) Before Dr. Bennett arrives confine your cat in a bathroom or small room with no furniture or appliances to hide under or behind. Dr. Bennett or a staff member will call on the way so you can sequester your cat at the last moment. If this is not possible please speak with Dr. Bennett before he arrives so that other plans may be made to secure your pet. The objective is to not get into a hide and seek game with your pet which will increase stress and adrenaline surge. 
4) Please keep all distractions to a minimum (TV, children, other animals, power tools, etc.)
5) Please keep a safe distance and do not distract the Dr. or staff member while they are handling a fractious patient.
6) Provide as much lighting as possible by opening curtains and turning on all lights in the area of the cat. 


Territory our Mobile Veterinary Service Covers

Dr. Bennett's Mobile Veterinary service delivers quality veterinary care on a house call or mobile basis throughout Contra Costa County and Alameda County. We perform in-home pet euthanasia and also provide outpatient medical services and wellness. Because of our central location on the Contra Costa and Alameda county border near El Sobrante we can perform vet house calls to most of the East Bay Area.  Dr. Bennett was raised in the Walnut Creek and the Concord area thus most of our clients live in the Walnut Creek and Berkeley corridor which includes towns like Orinda and Lafayette, Alamo and Pleasant Hill. As displayed on Google Places we will travel out in a radius of thirty miles from Walnut Creek. This includes towns like Hercules, Pinole, El Sobrante, and Vallejo in West Contra Costa County extending to Pitsburg in Eastern Contra Costa County. We cover the northwestern part of Alameda County which includes Oakland to El Cerrito and Albany. 


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